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Food for thought

During my most recent hosting date, I was cleaning up after my last session with Pet’s assistance. I caught her looking at me with a sad expression & then she said something that surprised me.

“Everyone thinks being a domme is so glamorous, but no one realises how much you have to clean up after.”

And it’s true. I may host in remote locations but the toys, the floor, the blood on the walls - they don’t clean themselves. Before Pet came along, I had no one. I'm introverted and fully work-centric, so there's no doubt that I would rather session than socialise.

Slaves often question the reasoning behind my tribute - whether it’s worth their penny. But the answer is very simple: it’s whether your penny is worth my time. The amount of planning and preparation that goes into a session is endless, and the responsibility you hold when you step into the room can be crippling. For both your safety and my own.

In extreme fetishes, your life is literally in my hands. That 2 hour session you tributed for has been planned meticulously over and over, from how I look to what I say. The hours of technical practice to land my cane swiftly on your flesh with no rebound. The angle and depth of my needles with precision and speed. The hours reading up on human anatomy and psychology. The aftercare I am responsible for providing to ensure that you leave the room physically, emotionally and mentally stable. And last but not least, my own emotional drops that I have to deal with from the adrenaline highs.

There will always be a domme for your sub drops. But there is rarely someone for our own.

I do not speak for anyone else, but consider these things before you approach a professional dominatrix.

Not yours,




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