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I’ve had the opportunity to look back on last year & even though it was a year of accomplishments, I pushed myself beyond limits. Your Goddess is tired. So here are some adjustments in 2024 that may affect my subs & friends.

Less touring, more living

I’m still open to FMTYs but if it isn’t paid travel or femdom events, very unlikely I’d be there. I’m sure other prodommes would share the same sentiment that it is fucking stressful to plan towards specific tour dates & keep to it. It takes the fun out of everything & I want the freedom of being wherever, whenever. So it's very simple now - want a session with me? Fly Me To You.

Prioritising longterm D/s

Fortunately, I have well-built relationships with a select few of trusted regulars. But for future subs interested in serving me, I will prioritise the ones with longterm potential. For all prodommes, we face the struggles of low months. The economy is always changing & we always have to be prepared as freelancers. Novices are still welcome but as always, show your commitment in actions. And by that I mean - don't be fast to talk but slow to deposit.

Body Modifications

I’m getting a boob job mid this year. No, it’s not because I don’t love myself enough. I found a passion for Muay Thai but unfortunately it has caused me to lose volume & so it's finally time - I get to do what I want, for myself. Take it as another tattoo. 😉

Prioritising mental & physical health

Since last year I’ve stopped drinking, started weekly exercise & I only smoke if you’re a human ashtray in sessions. Weight loss is not my goal, feeling healthier & happier is. I will continue to be sober & focus on things that fulfil me.

Little happy goals

I want to focus on the small things this year. Like - I kid you not - seeing snow in a foreign country or having a session on a nude beach. Little things that perk up the days. Doing fun collabs with like-minded people. Making content or doing photoshoots, & perhaps - even organising meaningful workshops for the kink community or making donations to animal welfare.

I wish everyone reading this post a fruitful 2024. Don't burn out, life is marathon but it feels like a sprint. Recently I've been hearing from subs & friends that the new year has brought on many changes. Just know that as long as you prioritise your well-being & happiness, that's all that matters. Celebrate the little triumphs or you won't realise the glory of your bigger wins.





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