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Acts of service

One of the reasons why I became a professional dominatrix compared to just staying lifestyle was that I not only wanted a career that was truly ‘me’, but also flexible enough for me to spend time with my animals & family.

Today there was an injured bird that was needed to be rushed to a vet at the opposite end of Singapore, & my sub - knowing how passionate I am about rescuing birds, made sure to rush down to my area within 15 mins to drive me to the vet & back. He waited patiently for almost 2 hours & didn’t question when I said to stop by for flowers.

It’s little things like these that show how you can support your Domme aside from just physical gifts or financial reimbursements.

Unfortunately, the little one didn’t make it. But I will always remember the ones that show their unwavering loyalty in acts of service.

Thank you.



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