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Face of an Angel |
Heart of a sadist

Dear sinners,


You may refer to Me as Goddess Dahlia.


Singapore's only Plus-sized Professional Dominatrix that has lived this lifestyle for 11 years. I chose to make this My full time career not only because I have the skills & poise to bring a man to his knees, but because it is My truest self. So with all the love I could possibly muster - if you think that I'm here just to do your fetish bidding, kindly Fuck Off.


I provide a strict & sadistic disciplinary style of domination, leaning on the extreme side if you are of amusement to Me. Even My sensual kinks have an underlying touch of sadism.


In My world, you simply exist to entertain Me. It is only in your struggle to push your limits be it pain, humiliation or servitude - that I relish.


If you are worthy to serve at My feet, expect to be used, humiliated & objectified.

Never yours,


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