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Welcome, sinner.

You may refer to Me as Goddess Dahlia.


Singapore's only Plus-sized Professional Dominatrix with over 11 years of dedicated experience in this lifestyle. I choose to make this My full time career not only because I have the skills & poise to bring a man to his knees, but from a profound alignment with my truest self. So with all the love I could possibly muster - if you think I am merely here to fulfill your fleeting fetishistic desires, kindly Fuck Off.


My approach to domination is characterised by a strict & sadistic disciplinary style, which may lean towards the extreme for those who pique My interest. Even within the realms of sensual kinks, there exists an underlying touch of sadism.


In My world, your sole purpose is to amuse Me. I derive immense pleasure from witnessing your relentless efforts to test your boundaries - whether it's enduring pain,  profound humiliation, or demonstrating unwavering servitude.


For those deemed worthy of serving at My feet, be prepared to be humiliated & objectified to My discretion.

Never yours,


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